4 Reasons to Choose Civilian MREs over Military MREs

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Meals Ready to Eat or MRE packages are food packets that have the ability to last for a long time without being spoilt. There are military MREs, and there are civilian MREs. Most adventure enthusiasts like to trust military MREs for their emergency food needs. Research suggests that a military MRE package can survive for nearly 60 months without being harmed if stored at a temperature of 60 degrees. That is all well and good. However, the problem is that military MREs are not legal to buy for civilians. So, when you buy military MREs from some shady seller, you have no way of knowing what you are getting inside the package. It is far better to buy civilian MREs than buying military MREs if you are not in the military. That is because when you buy civilian MREs: 1. You know the origin of your food Many cases have emerged over the years where some eBay seller sold an MRE package that sat in a war zone for months, or years! That is not good because according to the NATIC Research Lab of the US Army, an MRE package can get spoilt in just two years if exposed to a temperature above 100 degrees during the period! When you buy something like MRE online, you have no way of knowing where the item you bought came from. 2. You do not become sick In case you end up getting an MRE package that had to sit in a war zone for a long time, you may harm yourself by consuming the package more than help yourself. That is because chemicals used in war zones may actually affect food quality in a negative way. You may even face serious diseases after consuming such food. 3. You get better quality supplies Military gears and other supplies are not the best in the world. Well, at least, not usually. The government does not treat the military with a very high regard. As a result, most military supplies do not adhere to strict quality standards. When you buy a civilian MRE package, the chance of getting quality food is far more than when you purchase a military MRE package. 4. You buy original items Emergency food packages found on sites like eBay do not tend to be original. Mostly, eBay sellers sell counterfeit MRE supplies manufactured in China. Those are not real MREs in any way. When you buy a civilian MRE package from a reputed seller, you can at least be sure that the product is original. So, the next time you feel tempted to spend money on a so-called military MRE, stop and buy a civilian MRE, instead.

How to protect your home from a hurricane

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According to rough figures round about 58 million plus Americans live in 185 seashore countries that borderline the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean. These areas are most endangered areas for hurricanes in US. To deal with hurricanes, you must be already prepared and do pre-planning to avoid the harm. Either you live right near the water or you live a little further, a vital hurricane will destruct both and will leave its mark. However, with proper planning you can avoid even worst storms and can keep your family safe from it, following are some best ways to avoid such worst storms. 5 Best ways to keep your home safe from hurricane damage 1. Prepare your yard The debris that is thrown by strong howling winds is the biggest reason for death, damage or injury. To prevent the waste to become wooden missiles that can do too much damage to you in gale force winds, you should keep your shrub and trees trimmed. Make it sure that you already prepare to store your planters, boats, furniture and other things even in a thrashing storm. You should also think about replacing rock landscaping with scrap bark or some other soft material. 2. Prepare for Flooding One of the greatest reason for property damage linked to hurricanes is caused by severe flooding. If you do not already have done something for it then do consider adding a suction pump for basement drainage. If you already have one, then you should make it sure that it is in working condition once in a year. Don’t forget to check the power source and the free flow of water, do inspect the outlet pipe. Also, have a check about that water direction is not directed towards your home. Do get your sewerage clear and clear off the leaves and other rubbish, so that it keeps working even if it rains cats and dogs. 3. Seal up your home You should check that your home is properly anchored to the base. Do get it examined by a professional so that if there is any weak joint it can be repaired. Some of the usual problems that include seal gaps are:
  • Walls where pipes are entering. Behind circuit breakers, water meters or electrical outlets. Under the window slab.
Also, confirm that deck of your roof is completely sealed with a waterproof layer. You may also need to get ply covers for windows ready. There are also some other costly window covers that you can use. 4. Know your things and stuff Do get information about emergency setups in your surroundings that includes you are alert systems about certain warnings and other evacuation protocols. Your nearby fire & police department will provide you with the guidelines on dealing emergency situations. You should also perform the responsibilities of a good neighbor by helping out your disabled or weak neighbors that may need some extra help in a worst storm. Also have a check on your current building standards that whether your home meets all the necessary criteria or not. 5. Make a right plan Do get stocked an emergency kit that should contain minimum three days of water and food do not you do not have to starve even in worst situations. Also as being a good human do not forget to take your pets with you. Always have extra cash at your home so you can take it with you in worst situations as ATM’S may be offline or won’t be available nearby. Do keep a copy of all important documents that should be in a waterproof packet. Choose a well-known meeting point where you and your family members can gather in case you get separated in the storm. Also, think of some good communication method if a cellular phone will not be working.

MRE Reviews Menu No 5 Shredded Beef in BBQ Sauce

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MRE Reviews Menu No.5 Shredded Beef in BBQ Sauce  by XMRE 2015 Lot # 5041

" It was a very good meal, and I have to say that the new Shredded Beef in BBQ Sauce entree is now one of my favorites. It has a strong BBQ flavor which is a little sweet and smoky. It's not terribly spicy but does have a little kick. Someone looking for a lot of heat might want to add some of their favorite hot sauce, but overall it's an excellent entree. " Review by Gschultz [embed]https://youtu.be/KcQ7ChslX7s[/embed]

Top 5 Remotest Tribes That Will Shock and Inspire You

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Even in this era when information moves at a lightning-fast speed, there are tribes in many parts of the world that still follow their traditional ways. From their dress to their hunting style - everything about them inspires curiosity and awe. Want to know which five tribes we are talking about? Here is your answer: Tribe name Huli Wigmen Where it resides Tari Highlands in Papua New Guinea An overview A tribe is having strength of 40,000, the members are seen wearing hats made of their hair, along with yellowish face paint, leave apron, pigtail belt, and clawed axe. The dangling pigtail is used to intimidate rivals. They have a tradition of performing bird dance - closely associated with the birds of paradise seen in their island. Future prospects This tribe is embracing tourism, mainly in an attempt to preserve their traditions and customs. Many can be seen wearing western clothes and merging the new with the old ways. Tribe name Dogon Where it resides Mali in West Africa An overview Scaling the Bandiagara cliffs, the men collect bat and pigeon excrements using baobab bark ropes. The excrements are sold as fertilisers, and the Tellem artefacts collected get purchased by art collectors, mostly Western. The tribe of 400,000 resides in about 700 small villages, established along the cliff escarpment extending for nearly 200kms. Future prospects Even though tourism helped the tribe immensely in the past, recent unrest seems to have decreased tourism. Also, poor harvest of crops is making their situation worse. Tribe name Nenet Where it resides Yamal Peninsula in Siberia An overview Consisting of nearly 10,000 members, this tribe moves 300,000 reindeer through a migration of 1,100kms. They do it in an area that is bigger than the whole of France and in temperatures as extreme as 50 Degrees Celsius. For travelling, they use sledges that are anointed using fresh reindeer blood. The trains stretch as long as 8kms. Future prospects They are slowly adjusting to the various political, social and natural changes that are taking place on their existence. Tribe name Asaro Mud Men Where it resides Goroka in Papua New Guinea An overview Aiming to appear like spirits, the men of this tribe slap on their skin, ruining their complexion, and that terrifies their rivals. They have existed for over one millennium. This group, isolated by terrains, was discovered quite recently - nearly 75 years ago. Future prospects The tribe’s ability to attract tourists immensely has contributed to the possibility of it being regarded as national symbol. Tribe name Kazakh Golden Eagle Hunters Where it resides Bayan-Olgii Province in Mongolia An overview This semi-nomadic tribe is having about 100,000 members, of which about 250 are actual eagle hunters, has been around the Altai since 19th century. Known to hunt marmots, foxes and wolves using eagles, the members wear grey furs. Boys aged 13 can go hunting if they prove that they can carry a golden eagle. Future prospects Even though many young males are distancing themselves from the tribe, females are actively trying to get involved in the masculine activities in order to keep their tradition alive.

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