XMRE Blue Line- New Look

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MREs? Yes, we've chosen the X-MRE brand

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Why is Be ReadyInc switching from our earlier military version MREs to XMREs? Variety, meal choice, quality, customization, value........it's all in there. Yes, the case of 12 meals do come with heaters. You can see the menu list of the 6 types of meals included in each case option, and there are yummy add-ons to choose from. We love the quality and variety for the same price as the old military style. If you're a fan of MREs, you'll love the X-MREs. Try them!

A Life-Saving Partnership and MRE's

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So far we've been fairly lucky. Due to lowered temperatures early in the spring, 2014's tornado season got off to a mild and slow start. Though there was a rash of tornadoes that hit in late April, hitting the Southern States and sweeping across the plains claiming 38 lives, the rest of the season has been fairly quiet. That's good news for those states that are most often hit with tornadoes but it is hardly time to relax. Tornado season is only half over and all it really takes is one tornado to hit an area with a large population for us to have a full-scale emergency situation once again. After the storm blows over is often when the real emergency begins. Resources and power supplies are usually hampered if not completely unavailable leaving an entire population unable to attain services. Hospitals and emergency responders are often overwhelmed with those individuals needing help with medical aid and in getting life-sustaining water and food supplies. XMRE's Blue Line meals-ready-to-eat are specially formulated for medical facilities and emergency preparedness agencies to be used in disaster events and emergency situations. The mre wholesale options of our Blue Line components were engineered in partnership with nutritional and medical personnel to create nutritionally-balanced, health-maintaining meals to be used in any emergency situation. Each complete XMRE Blue Line meal contains an 8oz (227 gr) entrée: 1 bread item, 2-3 snack/side/spread items, 1-2 beverages, 1 accessory pack and an optional flameless heater. All components are packed in a water/tamper-proof XMRE Blue Line bag. Providing what is needed, when it is needed most, is our driving passion at XMRE and we are proud to do so as a partner with some of the world's most respected hospitals and emergency response teams. Interested in building a life-saving partnership with us? Then get in touch.

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