Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Situations

When it comes to disaster and emergency situations, quick, efficient and steadfast deployment of emergency food is vital. The quality and taste of your shelf stable foods are inconsequential if the avenues for getting them where they need to be do not exist. Pallets of food and supplies sitting in a warehouse do nothing for those who need them.

XMRE understands the nuances and the challenges of an emergency situation and has the resources to deliver XMRE Meals in any part of the world in a short period of time. At XMRE, we have been working with military groups and emergency relief organizations for decades and have the logistics in place to handle large scale nutrition needs in a timely manner.

We not only have the capabilities to handle the load and extremely large orders of meals ready to eat, we understand the needs of various cultures around the world and their dietary habits. We have the flexibility to create customized orders on both small and large scales.

Efficiency and quickly delivering shelf stable foods to any area that has recently suffered a large-scale disaster saves lives. At XMRE we are passionate about the responsibility of providing people with wholesome, nutritious food that can literally keep people alive.

Most of the time emergencies are unpredictable. With our XMRE Meals, you can be prepared for the unknown. Because we know that safety is key to survival and going hungry can cause serious issues. XMRE highly recommends to stock up enough MREs for food supply for at least 72hrs per person in your organization or your household.

We welcome the opportunity to work with your organization and to find a solution to meet your needs for MRE’s and shelf stable foods.

Contact us at contact@xmremeals.com or 1-877-443-XMRE (9673) for more information about disaster prep.


XMRE Blue Line - Formulated specifically for Disaster and Emergency Situation






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